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Russian Post office 301258 "Щекино кладовая хранения нерозданных ПО"

Телефон: +7 800-1-000-000
Region code regid 71
Key citykey Щёкино, 71
Unique key citykey_u
Full key citykey_f Щёкино, 71, Щёкинский
Key citykey (eng.) Shchyokino, 71
Unique key citykey_u_en (eng.)
Full key citykey_f_en (eng.) Shchyokino, 71, Shchyokinsky
Latitude 54.007734
Longitude 37.512532
Region Тульская область
District Щёкинский
Address Тульская область, Щекинский район, г Щекино, Советская ул, 20
P.O.Type Участок
Opening hours

Parсels drop-off/pick-up

Attention! This post office is not present in the current version of the Postal objects Passport. It is not possible to create shipment in the personal account of corporative clients. Probable reasons are: post office is closed (temporarily or permanently), this post office is of the service type (sorting area etc).