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Sender & recipient

Parcel details



Sender: 6-digit post office index or locality from the list .

Recipient: 6-digit post office index or locality from the list . For international delivery - a country. It is faster to type the country name in uppercase, for example, CUBA.

Package weight: from 1 to 31,500 g.

The value of the parcel: from 0 to 1,000,000 rubles.

Client type
Corporate client (legal entity or individual entrepreneur with a contract) or a natural person without a contract. For corporate clients, tariffs for some shipments and services are lower, in particular, for parcels, 1st class parcels, EMS Optimal, some services.

Additional submission options.
Multiple options can be selected (Ctrl + click). Not all options are available for all shipments. There can be only one return receipt.

If "Only one", the logic of the official calculators of the Russian Post is used: there can be only one item, if the permissible weight and / or value is exceeded, the calculation is not performed.
If "May be more than one", Postcalc.RU logic is used: the shipment is divided into several, value control is not performed.
For example, for a weight of 20 kg, if you select "Only one", the calculation of the bookpost is not performed (max. weight of this parcel type is 5 kg), if pa=1, the calculation for 4 bookposts of 5 kg each is returned.

Insurance base (only when the parcel value is more than 0 rubles!)
If 'Merchandise only', then only the parcel content is insured. For example, the insurance price of a content valued 1000 rubles will be 1000 * 4% = 40 rubles, regardless of the cost of delivery. In the event that the parcel is lost, the Russian Post will reimburse only the cost of the goods, and the shipping and insurance costs will have to be written off at a loss.
If 'Full', then the insurance base will be the Value of the Goods + Delvery Rate + Insurance Price, and in case of loss of the shipment, the Russian Post will fully compensate the damage. This is the best option for sending with option "Cash on delivery".

VAT (included in the rate or deducted from the rate)
Attention! A distinction should be made between deducting VAT for accounting purposes (possible for all parcel types) and sending at lower rates without VAT (possible only when paying bookposts with postage stamps).

Processing fee
Extra charge for order processing in rubles.

Packing fee
Extra charge for one shipment packing in rubles.

Calculation date
The date on which the calculation is made. It often makes sense to move it forward in order to count on the actual shipping date.

Custom date
An arbitrary date in the YYYY-MM-DD format. Not persisted between sessions. Use for one-time calculations.

Parcel types
Parcel types for corporate clients (Parcel / Courier Online, EKOM Marketplace, Business Courier) are calculated only if the "Corporate client" option is selected in the "Client type" field.

COD rate
Special rate of cash on delivery for corporate clients, from 0.7% to 2%. Depends on the monthly volume. For natural persons without a contract, the standard commission scale is applied.